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More Pre-Race Tips

Don't get stressed about the things you have no control over. The weather, the course, other runners etc. Control the things you can. Your shoes should be worn in and the laces double knotted. Plenty of sleep the week before the event and good nutrition. Clothing that...

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Race Pacing – Crater 2 Coast Half Marathon

Race Pacing is crucial for any Half Marathon course.  Here's some tips specific to the Crater 2 Coast course. The first few kilometres are slightly uphill then there is a few kilometres of downhill. This is a rail trail course so the incline is only gradual, but your...

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Running Nutrition Tips

I have often been asked about running nutrition tips prior to the event. My biggest tip is don't over eat the night before. Eat smaller portions of good food. Don't go to the local Pizza place and order the biggest Pizza you can find. This will only cause concerns...

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2013 Half Marathon Video

At the early morning start of the 2013 Crater 2 Coast Half Marathon, The Warrnambool Standard interviewed our handicapper, committee member and sponsor of the event, Michael Artz of Artz & Kay Pharmacy. They included footage from along the rail trail and formed...

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It is the goal of the handicapper to have no-one win the race. Or (if you prefer) to have EVERYONE win the race.

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Our Handicapping System

This is an explanation of how the club used to handicap, by means of example and by means of recording some of our "history". Some of the details of this has changed from our current system, but the fundamentals remain the same. It is the goal of the handicapper to...

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A List of Links we find useful in our running lives. Clubs and Organisations Athletics Australia Athletics Victoria Victorian Masters Athletics Victorian Athletic League South Australian Masters Athletics Nutrition Nutrition Australia Magazines and Information Run For...

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