Change to Pre-Race Workflow

The Warrnambool Athletic Club has seen many innovations over the recent years, many of them behind the scenes, one of those was our President’s creation of “teams” responsible for the various aspects of your runs and the day to day administrative responsibilities of the club. Your registration team is proud to announce a change to the pre-race registration (for members) that we hope will streamline this procedure and further aid our runs to start on time.

As with anything change there comes a cost, and the cost here is more responsibility on the individual runner.

It is proposed that runner’s who have participated in an event in the current series will be able to “self register” by marking their own name off a sheet at the start line and reading their start time.

The committee will then simply call times at the start line and we ask that runners announce themselves to “the starter” as they lineup for their own start.

The starter will have a start list, but it will include every runner who has been with us this season, rather than the trimmed down version of just those attending that we usually work with, so announcing your name will help everyone.

What this wont allow is that if we are missing a “front runner” at an event we wont realise this on the start line and so will always start the clock at 0:00, (again there is always a cost!)

We’ll trial this at the Tower Hill run this weekend, but it seems a lot simpler pre-race for us and we expect it is how we will run each race thereafter. We also state that we are considering to make this an online pre-registration to further improve our pre-race workflows…. watch this space!