I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members for allowing me to act as President for the Warrnambool Athletic Club. I am pleased to say I am proud of what we have achieved this year. We continue to provide our members with a unique experience competing and participating in the wonderful sport of running.

Personally I need to thank the committee who worked extremely hard this year. The Executive and General Committee members stepped up to the challenge and did whatever was necessary to ensure the success of the club. To each and everyone I thank them and say that it was an absolute privilege to have worked with them all this year. They are gracious with their time and continue to provide the club with a strong foundation to keep positively moving forward.

Due to the efforts of all the club continues to grow and this is evident in our strong membership numbers and our excellent financial position.

The year started with another very successful running of the Summer Series which is a major fund-raiser for the club and fund-raiser for a local charity. We were able to donate $3000 to Peters Project.

It was evident early in the year that running continues to be popular in the district at the moment. The season continued with strong numbers for our winter series and we were averaging around 80 participants for each event.

Some of the highlights of the winter series would have to be the success of the Flaggy Five with the large numbers of members and non-members that participated. Another highlight was again the successful running of the iconic Coast to Crater Running festival. The event has the space to grow and I believe we could match the popularity of many events state-wide. But this puts us in a position of do we expand the event which may negatively impact the friendly country feel or do we keep it low key. Food for thought.

Some of the challenges that we need to embrace into the future will be to continue to explore and promote our Social Media and enhance and improve our timing system.
We have already have had some new ideas floated. One is to explore an Age Graded system to work alongside our handicaps. Another is to look at revamping the Macey’s Classic and the possibility of purchasing a coffee machine to keep the caffeine addicts happy. These are exciting concepts and I am sure the newly appointed Committee will consider all new ideas on there merits.

The presentations day was also a huge success. The major award winners were well received and deserved there trophies. My choice for the President’s Award Michael JOHN epitomises the club spirit. We are a club that not only awards runners for being the fastest but also for being a person that enjoys the art of running and working behind the scenes to improve the club.

I wish to thank the present Committee members and new members who have seen fit to join me and stand for election for 2015. I am excited about where we are heading and look forward to the coming season.

John Keats
President Warrnambool Athletic Club
3rd December 2014